Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Incredible Hercules

Time to back to chars, this will be first char with custom grab/throws...
video soon, sprites by Maru

Friday, October 21, 2016

Game name and news

Warecus did Stryfe! and Maru setted a new wolrd record doing TaskMaster in less the 48 hours,
I have Russia almost done, also started to align Hercules sprites...

Wondering about game name, because im tired to explian why not marvel third alliance, well.... because corret name woud be marvel second alliance 3.... because mfa2 actually was marvel first alliance version 2.72, because it have same story.....
but now, we have a new stoery.... and.....
why not a different name instead of fix that version story?

just beacuase is a sequel dont need to had same name + a count number....
so wondering about name it:
Mavel Infinity War

thoughts or other names sugestions?

well, i read it again and it is perfect plot, i just need to put magus to be final boss,
at story warlock collect gems ( in game he send heroes and villains to do it)
then magus stole it from him...
its perfect, and i dont need to do huge changes to fit,


working on new main screen

almost done



Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rocket and news

Maru did a modern look Domino

and he is working on This Taskmaster:

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Need guys help to define teams on story mode:

Miss Marvel
- Avengers or Space team?

- X-men or space team?

- x-men or space team?

Squirl Girl
- Avengers or Street?

- Street or Villains?

- Street or Villains?

- Villains or Street?

- Street, avengers or Space?

and next video:
(looking for voice)
Sprites by Maru

Russia Maps done

Well they are villains, so they will not really join the heroes party at begin, they are looking for power gem and fighting against russian heroes.

Start on a sky lvl

Then ice-jungle

HQ entance


Get the gem

new minions soldiers:
- sniper
- grenadier

and Bosses will be Soviet Super Soldiers:
so far i have done by Jhfer:
- Darkstar
- Vanguard
- Ursa Major
- red guardian 

maybe Abomination or crimson dynamo....

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

New Replay mode

 Another room to MFA3 stages (yea, selene will be boss of hellfire, will change maps order)

a "hidden" arcade to a "secret" Stage

now all chars can play at mario stage,
with a new filtre to reduce colors and look a bit like old games

and thanos to boss

and replay will be only mode which need to beat game to unlock, also, Coulson and Shield Agents are playable here

Rogue final changes

Freeze to iceman attack, this way each power have a different effect: 
beam (cyclops)
projectile (gambit)
pull/mind control (jean)
evade (nightcrawler)
knockback (wolverine)
tracker (storm)
freeze (iceman)

Now you know which power you got when she end drain.

also fixed code to not allow you get a current power again, so after first pick chances to get your wanted power is 1/6